Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Grab It Corp. By registering, you agree that you have read, understand and accept this User Terms and Conditions Agreement (the "User Agreement"). This User Agreement governs your use of our website and our services. In the event of a dispute, this User Agreement will guide the dispute resolution process and define your and our remedies. 
User Agreement:
  •  Minimum order for light weight merchandises is $400.00. if orders included heavy weight merchandises such a detergent and other case based products orders is $500.00 for free delivery.  We ship your items right away as soon as we received your order.
  • Prices are subject for free delivery only for New York City and close by counties. Please contact us for free delivery locations.
  • Payments are subject to Cash On Delivery only for free shipping orders.
  • Checks will be accepted upon our company approval and all checks returned to us for uncollected or unavailable funds will be processed $20.00 for processing fee. We do accept only business checks.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. Specials will be announced as they become available.